The end of the South East Asia Photo Album

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At the end of last year I started publishing a bunch of old post that I had written while traveling around in South East Asia but kept unpublished for nearly a year because I thought about turning them into a book. I finally published the last of those old post back in May and with this I want to make it clear that no more are coming. The South East Asia Photo Album is complete, you can check out all the “photos” under the appropriate category.


New Moon Beach, 5:36 pm

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The sun has just started to set, it’s noticeably lower in the sky but still bright and warm, shining right at me. My hat shields my face from its rays but I can feel its warmth on my bare chest. It paints a broad streak of silver on the water’s surface, like a glimmering road across the tops of the waves, from the ever shifting waterline on the wet sand all the way out to the horizon.  I stand a few feet out in the water with the waves washing over my ankles, watching that strip of silver as if mesmerized by the way it sparkles, drawing in my eyes until I see nothing else. I feel the cool breeze one my my back, I feel the sand being washed out from under my feet as I sink down into it, I hear the wooshing of the waves that, though not loud, drowns out the sounds from the people around me. It is a strange thing this, this urge that makes me kick off my shoes and go stand in the water, this instinctive need for meditation that only the ocean can fulfill.

Grand Lisboa Casino, 9:53 pm

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The sign at the door said no photo so I’m on the balcony trying to take it all in. Below me is the main floor of the casino, a large hall with plush red carpets, brown panels on the wall that look like leather and all around the room the fixtures and fittings are polished to a golden sheen. About 50 gambling table, topped in green or red cloth depending on the game, are spread out in the room. At each one of them sits a dealer clad in dark green jackets, buttoned all the way up, with golden epaulets on the shoulders, which make them look more like military officers than card dealers. Around many of the tables – but not all, it’s a week day after all – are people checking their cards and placing their chips. At the focal point of the room, on round gilt platform, sits a large egg in what I assume is alabaster, glowing in shifting colors. The whole room is imbued with the sense of luxury and glamour that befits a casino…but it’s not my taste.