The book that never was

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For the first time since this blog started I am writing a post that doesn’t follow the theme and style of the blog, but bear with me. In October last year I set off on a three month journey through south east Asia. When I first came up with the idea for that trip, many years ago, I had this vague notion that I should write a lot of Frozen Moments during the trip, perhaps even forgoing a camera altogether, and just document what I saw using words. My idea was that I would gather all of these texts together and try to get them published as a book, a sort of photo album if you will. In the end I did bring a camera, and I took several thousand photos, the best of which you can find on my other blog The idea of publishing a book however, stuck with me until the day I took off. Since I came home a little less than a year ago, I’ve been thinking about it but the truth is, I didn’t write nearly enough Frozen Moments to make an entire book, and even if I had, I doubt they hold publishable quality. So, I’ve decided to publish them here after all, and I will be grouping them under the “South East Asia Photo Album” category.


Tran Hung Dao 8:20 pm

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I’m no more than 50 meters from the backpacker ghetto where the restaurants never seem to get enough customers, staff standing on the street trying to entice foreign tourists with their happy hour offers. Here however, not a single person has asked me to go in, yet the restaurants are full, groups of locals having dinner and drinking beer, no booming music just friendly banter. The two scenes so close by, yet the contrast between them is so big.

Just outside Can Tho, 12 noon

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An arrow straight strip of asphalt stretches through the lush landscape out towards the tree line at the horizon. The sun shines brightly from an azure sky filled with dramatic clouds. The speedometer shows a clean 80 kph, ah,I feel so alive.