The book that never was

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For the first time since this blog started I am writing a post that doesn’t follow the theme and style of the blog, but bear with me. In October last year I set off on a three month journey through south east Asia. When I first came up with the idea for that trip, many years ago, I had this vague notion that I should write a lot of Frozen Moments during the trip, perhaps even forgoing a camera altogether, and just document what I saw using words. My idea was that I would gather all of these texts together and try to get them published as a book, a sort of photo album if you will. In the end I did bring a camera, and I took several thousand photos, the best of which you can find on my other blog The idea of publishing a book however, stuck with me until the day I took off. Since I came home a little less than a year ago, I’ve been thinking about it but the truth is, I didn’t write nearly enough Frozen Moments to make an entire book, and even if I had, I doubt they hold publishable quality. So, I’ve decided to publish them here after all, and I will be grouping them under the “South East Asia Photo Album” category.


Konglor cave, 3:05 pm

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Our little motorized, long tail canoe is speeding into the darkness, guided by nothing but the head lamp of the driver. The boat lies low in the water, the surface just inches from the sides and it feels like any movement could tip us over. To the sides and above us the vaulted roof of the cave, bare grey rock rushing past, illuminated by the dancing beams of our flashlights.

Road to Laksao, 9:26 am

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The road is on an embankment connecting I don’t know how many little islands. Around me, forested hilltops nda flooded valleys, dead trees sticking up from the mirror smooth surface of the water. My eyes are streaming with tears from the chilly head wind as I connect swooping turn with swooping turn as fast as I dare go. I can’t help but scream with joy.