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New Moon Beach, 5:36 pm

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The sun has just started to set, it’s noticeably lower in the sky but still bright and warm, shining right at me. My hat shields my face from its rays but I can feel its warmth on my bare chest. It paints a broad streak of silver on the water’s surface, like a glimmering road across the tops of the waves, from the ever shifting waterline on the wet sand all the way out to the horizon.  I stand a few feet out in the water with the waves washing over my ankles, watching that strip of silver as if mesmerized by the way it sparkles, drawing in my eyes until I see nothing else. I feel the cool breeze one my my back, I feel the sand being washed out from under my feet as I sink down into it, I hear the wooshing of the waves that, though not loud, drowns out the sounds from the people around me. It is a strange thing this, this urge that makes me kick off my shoes and go stand in the water, this instinctive need for meditation that only the ocean can fulfill.


Grand Lisboa Casino, 9:53 pm

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The sign at the door said no photo so I’m on the balcony trying to take it all in. Below me is the main floor of the casino, a large hall with plush red carpets, brown panels on the wall that look like leather and all around the room the fixtures and fittings are polished to a golden sheen. About 50 gambling table, topped in green or red cloth depending on the game, are spread out in the room. At each one of them sits a dealer clad in dark green jackets, buttoned all the way up, with golden epaulets on the shoulders, which make them look more like military officers than card dealers. Around many of the tables – but not all, it’s a week day after all – are people checking their cards and placing their chips. At the focal point of the room, on round gilt platform, sits a large egg in what I assume is alabaster, glowing in shifting colors. The whole room is imbued with the sense of luxury and glamour that befits a casino…but it’s not my taste.

Wynn Palace, 8:41 pm

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Everyone has seen it in some movie or other, the cast stand in front of that fountain in Las Vegas looking at the show in front of them. This is just like that except it’s not a movie. In front of me is a large pond bordered on this side by the promenade and on the opposite, the Wynn Palace casion with the central building right in front and the wings set at an angle like open arms welcoming you in, it’s facade bathed in a warm golden orange. From the middle of the pond dozens of water jets, lit from below by powerful spotlights, shoot into the air and sway back and forth like they are dancing. They move in time with the music, cascading across the pond like a wave of silver rays, rising and falling as the music swells and dips. Then, just as the music reaches its crescendo there is a loud boom and they all shoot up high into the then stop abruptly, the water raining down like drops of silver sparkling in the light.

Senado Square 11:51 am

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I have wandered into the central square of a European city. Around me are old, European style buildings in pastel colors, their facades covered in the kind of decorations you might see in Italy or Spain, their lower floors fronted by arcades. The ground is covered in worn down, black and white stone tiles laid out in a zebra stripe mosaic. In the center is a fountain surrounded by tourists with their cameras. It’s quite astounding how European the place looks, the only thing indicating that I’m in fact thousands of kilometers from Europe are the Chinese characters on the store front signs.

Chiang Mai walking street, 9:44 pm

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The street is filled with people, they mill about among the vendors, buying snacks and souvenirs. The air is filled with didgeridoo music, a deep driving rhythm, almost like hard rock. The sky is filled with floating lanterns, glowing orange lights that drift upwards on the breeze.

Maerim Elephant Sanctuatry, 9-ish am.

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The grey trunk comes snaking around me from behind, the moist end sniffing out the bananas in the bag on my hip. At the same time, the elephant in front of me also reaches her trunk in my direction, trying to get at the tasty treats. I can barely get the bananas out of the bag fast enough for them. As soon as I do, it only takes a second before one of the elephants has grabbed it and deposited it in its mouth. They are as tall as me and weigh two thousand kilos each but they act like little kids begging for candy.

Road 1263, 1:56 pm

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Am I still in Thailand? It sure doesn’t seem like it with these surroundings. On both sides of the road are rolling hills, on the right they are covered in withering, brown corn stalks on the left, the dark green of pine forests, with brown, bare tea bushes in neat rows lower down in the valley. This high up, the sweltering heat of the lowlands is gone, the air is cool and crisp like an Autumn day. If I didn’t know better I would think I’m somewhere in Europe.

Tha Pai hotspring, 5:00 pm

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The sign says 34 degrees and the one in the next pool reads 35. Somewhere off to the left is the source, the hot water cascading down from pool to pool, dropping in temperature along the way. This hotspring river as it were, flows through the forest, trees growing right at the edge. Thick vines grow from tree to tree, stretching across the water, hanging low down with people sitting or leaning on them as they relax in the heat.

Chengde temple trail, 7:15 pm

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There is a rounded opening in the wall of trees, just big enough for two people to stand side by side, framed by overhanging branches and low bushes silhouetted against the background, a barely perceptible difference between the shades of gray. A path, its gravel surface painted a light gray by moonlight, runs through the undergrowth, undulating slightly as it stretches out to a point somewhere in the distance. Thanks to the full moon my companions and I can navigate the darkness without using our flashlights, it enables us to see the little flickers of light all around us. In among the trees and bushes, and in the tall grass are little lights, flashing intermittently and ahead of us, a short distance down that darkened path, fireflies are flitting about, filling the air with their erratic blinking and making the entire forest sparkle like a starry sky.

Pai canyon, 3:34 pm

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A tall sandstone ridge runs through the forests, winding its way forward and branching off here and there, sending out tendrils of rock like tentacles into the undergrowth. A small footpath runs along the top of the ridge, at places barely wide enough for a person  to stand, the sides falling away steeply without so much as a hint of a safety rail; one wrong step here and you go tumbling over the precipice. The part I’m on now slopes steeply downwards, and a deep fissure has been cut through the soft material, presumably by streams of water in the wet season. I climb downwards, my feet on the bottom of the fissure and my hands keeping hold of the sides to keep myself from falling.