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Just outside Can Tho, 12 noon

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An arrow straight strip of asphalt stretches through the lush landscape out towards the tree line at the horizon. The sun shines brightly from an azure sky filled with dramatic clouds. The speedometer shows a clean 80 kph, ah,I feel so alive.


Campbell Lane, 1:39 pm

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I’m in the most amazing market I have ever seen. The entire street is full of stalls, crammed so tightly together it’s impossible to know where one ends and the next one begins. In the the middle of the stalls is a narrow passage that is so full of people, both locals and tourists, that you can hardly turn around without bumping in to anyone. Nearly every vendor in the market is selling things for the upcoming Deepavali festival. There are entire walls covered in garlands of artifical flowers; there are tables laden with boxes of fireworks; and from the canvas roof hang thousands upon thousands of strings of jewelry: long rows of pearls interspersed with gilded pieces of metal, rings bells, leaves and all manner of other shapes; glass beads in bright colors, ruby red and emerald green, framed in gold; brightly colored hemispheres like little umbrellas inlaid with pieces of mirror glass that sparkle in the light. These decorative, bejewled strings hang so low they almost touch the top of your head and if you stop to look up for a moment they are right in front of your nose; there’s so much that it’s almost overwhelming, I find it hard to describe it in a way that does it justice. This kind of extravagance, all gold and pearls, is not my style at all, but I can’t help but be amazed at the sheer amount.

NTU hospital, 1:04 pm

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I’m half sitting in my hospital bed, not much to do except letting my eyes wander about the room. To the right, the peach colored curtain separating me from the next bed, to the left leather clad visitor chair and the light switches on the wall marked A and B. The ceiling above with the four fluorescent tubes casting their sterile light over the room, next to it the grating covering the ventination, the smoke detector off to the side, and the rail for the curtain running like railroad tracks through the landscape. My main companion, the cream colored wall in front of me, the big clock with the red hand shaving off the seconds, four little information posters, the one in the middle featuring a cartoon nurse and the one below it, an old man falling over, and below them, the alcohol dispenser and hand washing instructions.

I have an IV but it’s not the kind of nutrient solution you’d expect, but rather antibiotics, penicillin straight into my bloodstream. I have a strange kind of pain from the IV, a feeling like ice is being pumped through my veins, from the needle in my hand up along my arm. Looking at the clock ticking away the seconds much too slowly and spelling out this text in my head is all I can do to distract myself from the pain.

Baisha beach, 8:32 pm

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The sky, clear now after a cloudy afternoon, is absolutely full of stars, the three in Orion’ s belt outshining everything else in the vicinity. The waves come rolling in to the beach  just a few meters away, the black water crashing down on the dark sand with a loud booming sound that fills the air. I put my arm around my wife, feel the warmth of her body against mine as she leans on my shoulder, and just enjoy the moment. 

Zhonghua road, 8:12 am

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I’m armoured against the weather, warm jacket, rain jacket rain pants with little built in shoe covers, helmet and mountaineering gloves. Despite all that I know this is going to be hell, it is cold like it can only be in tropical weather, when normally comfortable temperatures chill you to the bone; and the rain is coming down hard. There is a kind of duality to this; the reports about low water levels in the nation’s reservoirs that I saw in the paper a few days ago had me worried so this is a good thing, but did the government really have to cloud seed so that it rains cats  and dogs during my morning commute? God damn it!

Coastal road South of Tuy Hoa, 5 pm

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I’ve seriously had it with this incessant rain, like Samuel L Jackson in Snakes on a plane would have said: enough is enough! It spoils the fun of riding by making the road slippery, it ruins any photo ops offered by the gorgeous scenery I’m passing, but worst of all, I’m getting soaked despite my rain gear. It is utterly and completely miserable.

Somewhere near Vinh Long, 5pm

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The sun is shining,  the rain seems to have dried up completely; the road is straight, only one way forward, with trees and small shops by the side, I keep the throttle at a steady 60 km/h. The theme to Smoky and the Bandit keeps playing in the back of my mind as I reflect on my first day of riding in Vietnam: my bag falling off the luggage rack, the rickety wooden bridge, the water buffalo by the road side. So many impressions just in one day…

Under the unobtainable balcony 1:40 pm.

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Bushwacking uphill in 35 degree heat under a scorching sun is hard work. My entire body is drenched in sweat and my heart is beating so hard I can feel the thumping in my shoulder blades but I finally made it to the building with the unobtainable balcony. I can see the stairs up, they are just 20 meters away and I’m filled with anticipation, first I need to rest.

Company parking lot, 1:40 pm

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My boss has sent me to the head office on the other side of town and I need to be there shortly after two which behooves me to set out right after lunch. I’ve only gone the short distance from the door to my parking space at the far end of the lot but im already sweating from thr midday heat, and despite being protected by my jeans, the seat of the scooter feels like sitting on a frying pan. Normally the slipstream would be enough to cool me down a bit but as I speed up, even the wind feels warm. There’s just no getting away from it, the next half hour will be hell. 

The Office, 12:29 pm

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It’s just after lunch and I’m sitting at my desk when I feel that weird sensation I always get when there’s a earthquake, kind of like seasickness on dry land. A moment later I see how our computer screens start wobbling, there’s an uncanny rumbling from somewhere above us and the whole building is shaking. I’m tense, ready to run at any moment, but my colleagues haven’t budged from their seats so I┬ákeep calm and remain seated as well. I look up at the girl opposite me, her face is contorted with fear, like carved wooden mask it’s features twisted, wild eyes and gaping mouth. The shaking subsides a little and as it does, another colleague walks past saying “Can’t decide to run or not, well it’s too late now anyway.” The casual way in which he says it dispels all fear just like that, and we continue working as if nothing ever happened.