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The Office, 12:29 pm

In Feeling of the moment, Place description, Writing on 2016/05/12 at 15:48

It’s just after lunch and I’m sitting at my desk when I feel that weird sensation I always get when there’s a earthquake, kind of like seasickness on dry land. A moment later I see how our computer screens start wobbling, there’s an uncanny rumbling from somewhere above us and the whole building is shaking. I’m tense, ready to run at any moment, but my colleagues haven’t budged from their seats so I┬ákeep calm and remain seated as well. I look up at the girl opposite me, her face is contorted with fear, like carved wooden mask it’s features twisted, wild eyes and gaping mouth. The shaking subsides a little and as it does, another colleague walks past saying “Can’t decide to run or not, well it’s too late now anyway.” The casual way in which he says it dispels all fear just like that, and we continue working as if nothing ever happened.