Road 31, 8:39pm

In Feeling of the moment, Place description, Writing on 2015/03/31 at 15:42

I’m speeding along towards the high speed rail station, the meter showing 80 kilometers an hour and a cool wind washing over me. Suddenly the buildings on my right give way to a large open space, and I wonder for a moment how that can be, before realizing that it is most likely one of the fish farming ponds. I take a longer look, and sure enough, beyond a low concrete barrier, the perfectly smooth surface of the water spreading out towards the horizon. It reflects the infinity of space above, so dark blue that it’s almost back. At the far end, just before the water meets the sky, is the stark black outline of houses, trees and bushes, all in a jumbled mass, lit up from behind by the sterile white light of human activity. It’s just a fleeting glimpse before I must turn my attention to back to the surrounding traffic, but it makes my life immeasurably brighter while it lasts.


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