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Minzu road, 11:28 pm

In Feeling of the moment, Place description, Writing on 2015/01/31 at 16:04

The air is cool, not fully cold, just…crisp. The sky is clear, save for a few veils of cloud, too thin to catch any of the light pollution from the city. It’ dark enough that I can see a few stars, Orion’s Belt ¬†off to the south. A brilliant silver white moon is competing with the street lights. It’s quiet, just the sound of a few cars in the distance and the wind rustling the leaves of a nearby palm tree. It feels wrong, like I’m not in Hsinchu anymore, it feels… like Gotheburg in September.


Changan road, 5:48 pm

In Feeling of the moment, Place description, Writing on 2015/01/30 at 10:54

Twilight, just before dusk, the sky overcast. It doesn’t seem to matter if I have my headlights on or not, I switch them off for a second, I see just fine without them, then turn them back on for safety. There is a continuous drizzle, almost unnoticeable when standing still but speed compacts it, I can feel a constant spray on the lower half of my face and the spattering on my visor blurs my vision and diffuses incoming light into glittering halo’s around its sources. It is cold, my face feels numb and a few moments without gloves is al ot takes before I start to feel a pain almost like burning in my fingers. The wet asphalt reflects all the lights around me: lashes of green and red at the traffic lights; blotches of amber below the street lights; faint trails of red from the scooters in front of me and flashes of yellow from someone’s indicators; slanted streaks of white from the oncoming cars and a patch of neon purple from a small stand selling betel nuts and cigarettes. A scooter with modified tail lights cuts through the traffic, bright blue streaming out behind it. My daily commute is normally a race against the clock, my mind steeped in passive aggression aimed at any and all motorists that dare cut me off. At least this time it is cheerfully colorful.