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Murger weg, 9:52 pm

In Feeling of the moment, Place description, Poetic prose, Writing on 2014/09/03 at 17:14

I am passing the point where the street lights end, behind me the street is desolate and gloomy, no people around and but few lights in the windows, in front of me just murky darkness. As I leave the light a feeling rises within me, I don’t think it’s fear, no its not strong enough for that, but rather apprehension. In my mind I can rationalize it, I highly doubt some ill doer would be waiting on dark road at the edge of a rural German town with the intent to accost a chance jogger. Neither do I think there is a big risk of running in to wild beasts lurking in the forest yet somehow the feeling remains. It is surprisingly not completely dark, while in the city the street light shadows form impenetrable black blotches, out here light pollution from the town reflects off the clouds and bathes everything in a faint orange haze. All the familiar shapes flow together, dim outlines in a fog; it’s not until I am right by it that a formless lump coalesces into the shape of a parked car. Since I can’t see very clearly – all I can make out with any sort of clarity is that the road runs straight and true next to the train tracks – my hearing becomes more acute. Every rustle of leaves and every broken branch makes me glance around nervously, there is nothing there but I cannot help looking. Soon enough the glowing face of my watch shows it is time to turn around and when I do, a wave of relief washes over me…