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Stein Holzbrucke 6:05 am

In Feeling of the moment, Place description, Writing on 2014/08/30 at 04:25

I am crossing the small wooden bridge, the sound of the river rushing passed beneath my feet is very visceral. It surges by with a noisome gurgling that drowns out the only other sound to be heard this early, that of my own feet treading the ground. At this hour, the vanity lights if the town church, the small castle and the bridge itself are all out, there are no tourists awake to take pictures of the night vista. Mists hang like a veil in front the grey mountains in the distance and the churning river is a dark and gloomy, only the street lights are on to light my path through the pre dawn twilight. I feel like a wanderer in this sleeping city, some kind of vagabond or vagrant, but I have goal and a purpose without which I would never be up to see the world before it wakes up.


Riverside path Bad S├Ąckingen, 10:54 am

In Feeling of the moment, Place description, Writing on 2014/08/26 at 10:37

I’m sweating despite the early autumn chill, my heat is thumping in my chest and my breathing is labored. I’m running on a small path along the river, everything is damp from the rain, my steps squelch in the mud. To my right a single row of trees and beyond that the dim turquoise waters of the Rhein, ever flowing passed me in the opposite direction. To my left a field of corn, the green stalks rising up to meet the milky sky that covers everything in the distance. I look up for a moment to see a mountain rising up out of the fog, it’s dark, undulating profile and the jagged outline of a few trees and a radio mast stand out starkly against the white sky. But it’s just a thin sliver of the mountain that is visible, the mists swirling around it making it seem ethereal. I gaze upon that mountain where it floats in the sky, for a moment then focus my eyes on the road in front of me. Onwards, onwards to the place where I will allow myself to rest.

Mittlere Rheinbrucke, 1:20 pm

In Feeling of the moment, Writing on 2014/08/23 at 11:24

There is a person swimming in the river! What the hell? I am standing on a bridge over the river Rhein in the middle of a fairly big city and really did not expect anyone to be swimming in the river. It is one of Europe’s main waterways after all, not just some small creek. Well, in my experience there will be some crazy people everywhere, Switzerland shouldn’t be an exception. But then, just as I’m about to turn around, another person floats out from under the bridge, a small boy in a life vest this time, and shortly after, three more, a grown man and two other boys. I can hardly believe my eyes, who goes swimming in a wide, fast flowing river in the middle of a city? Really, what the flying fluff is going on?