Coastal road, remote fjord, 3:40 pm

In Feeling of the moment, Place description, Writing on 2014/05/26 at 17:56

We’re on a gravel road, the car vibrates and bounces with the uneven surface, small rocks ping off the underside of the body at a steady rate and we stir up a big cloud of dust behind us. To the left of us the mountains, barren cliffs coming down in terraces towards the sea, the narrow road clinging on to the edge above the blue water and me fighting against the loose gravel to keep the car from careening off the edge. I look out over the fjord to the mountains rising sharply on the other side, and realize how desolate this place is, we’re the only car on the road, no other humans around for several miles. It feels incredibly lonely, like we’re at the very end of the earth.


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