Sky over Taiwan, 5:38 am

In Place description, Poetic prose, Writing on 2013/10/06 at 09:32

The captain has just made his landing speech over the intercom, announcing that it is raining on the ground but up here, above the clouds it is fair to say that the sunrise is fantastic. The planes wing, sweeping backwards, cuts across the blue grey landscape of clouds, forming a constant reference against the soft hills and gently sloping valleys flowing by. The sky above is a rich blue, paling towards the horizon where it is streaked in fiery orange and bright golden yellow, with a few free floating tufts of cloud livening up the otherwise empty sky. The light reflects off the metallic surface of the wing, sending a streak of orange along the edge, completing the picture. Iv’e seen a few sunrises and sunset in my lift, but this is well neigh the best.


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