Neiwan hotspring 6:54 pm

In Feeling of the moment, Writing on 2013/03/16 at 06:16

I get out of the hot pool, run a few steps, and sink into the, to me, frigid waters of the the cool one. A wave of cold washes over me but I remain, sitting as still as possible, letting the water settle around me. After about a minute, the wavelets on the surfaces have died out and my body has recuperated from the initial shock, if I avoid moving my limbs, I don’t feel the acute cold, just a sort of chill that makes the hairs on my body rise. Gradually I start to feel the pumping of my blood all the way out in my arms and shoulders. It is a kind of meditative state where I can concentrate on the rhythmic babomp babomp of my heartbeat, and completely clear my mind. A few minutes later I pull myself to the present, get out of the pool then quickly enter the hot one again. There is an initial numbness that prevent me from feeling the heat but by and by, it fades away and I am enveloped in comfortable warmth. 

  1. […] around in the mountains for a while until we came to hotsprings in Neiwan wher we went for a soak (described here).  A warm bath is always nice when traveling around. Returning in the evening we had a couple of […]

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