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Road out of Vis town, 10:37 pm

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To my left, green mountains with bare Rocky cliffs, a blue sky up above and a slope down towards azure blue sea. In front of me a thin band of asphalt bending of to the right. I slow down and savour the moment of being on a motorized two wheeler once again, my girlfriend behind me and the wind on my face. Then I lean into the curve and twist my right hand, the scooter shoots forward and zooms through the bend and the fizzy dealing of speed bubbles up within me.


Rogacic bunker complex, 11:25 am

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I walk down the utterly dark tunnel, my flashlight the only source of illumination. It is long and narrow and vaulted overhead, the white paint on the walls has deteriorated over the years and a bunch of rusty metal clamps are all that are left of the previous lighting system. As I come closer to the end I can sense a faint glow somewhere, when I reach it, it turns out to be a crossroads. I go to the left because it’s shorter and there is light in that direction. It leads to a small open space with a low semi circular wall with tracks on the ground. I turn back and move passed the entrance tunnel towards the next spot of light. It is a similar open semi circle and I realize now that the tracks probably belonged to a retractable canon of some kind. Once again I go back to the main pathway but this time there is no light at the end of the tunnel…. Let’s find out out what is there.

Ferry from Split to Vis, 3:58 pm

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There is something about islands, or rather something about the intersection of land and water that is so personified by islands, that captures the human eye. Post cards from all over the world are full of that special magic that is a beach, a harbour or a cliff leading down to the ocean. And here I am on a ferry from the Croatian mainland sailing towards a far away island, moving leasurly through an archipelago with large islands off to both sides. The perfect moment then to snap that post card picture, or so one would think. In fact, due to the limitations of the camera, or perhaps the great ability of the human eye, taking that kind of shot which I desire is impossible. There is just no way to simultaneously capture the whole of an island and get close enough to depict the detail that makes it interesting. Here is my attempt: all around the ship lies azure blue ocean and up above a clear sky with a few wolly tufts of cloud. In the distance, the billowing hills of several islands, covers in dark green forrests or light grey rocks dotted with scrub. Here and there a white boat zipping passt or white sails closer to shore. Wind whipping my hair and the sun shingle down upon me it idyllic and beautiful, time to stand at the railing, relax and let my thoughts wander.

Split cathedral 4:58 pm

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I am standing on a small, circular, walled in square among a bunch of other people. Towards the middle of the square is a small group of mEn standing in a half moon shape. They wear white shirts, black trousers and red girdles and beside them is a sign proclaiming that they sell CD’S. A few moments pass then they start to sing, a traditional Croatian song sung by a 5 man choir. The sound is deep and resonant, rising along the circular walls towards the perfectly round hole high above us, reverberating with a force and clearness of tone that I hardly ever heard before. I stand there transfixed for a moment almost seeing the harmonies bounce off the walls, it is pure delight for the ears.

The Riva, Split, 4-ish pm

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I have been in Split but an hour or so but already I am in full tourist mode, camera in hand snapping pictures of this and that but alas, the view here is one of those that does not lend itself to the art of photography. That’s when it hits me, I have a way to solve this dilema. The scene on front of me is that of the sea side promenade in Split, turquoise waters to one side, a wide pedestrian streak in the middle and fashionable shops and cafes on the other. What makes this sea front special is the main building housing the cafes and shops, the Diocletian’s palace, a 2:nd century Roman palace that has become an integral part of the city. The great outer wall of the palace intermingles freely with increasingly more modern architecture down to pizzerias and ice cream parlours. It’s a pity there is no way of getting a fair view of this scene but it is worth a stroll, ice cream in hand.

Road to Split, morning/noon

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This is not so much a frozen moment as a frozen stretch of time.Starting off in central Zagreb, our highway bus trundled out of the city towards the rolling hills of the Croatian inland. Dark green in the distance with lighter shades up close mingled with the yellow of Sun burnt grass, dotted with the orange roofs and light colored walls of small villages. As we passed the hills we got closer to the low, forrested mountains and darker skies. Passing through endless tunnels we were finally spit out on the other side, blue skies overhead and a dazzling view of turquoise waters surrounded by barren Rocky slopes dotted with low vegetation struggling for survival. As the road leveled out and the ocean disappeared below the horizon, we settled in for the last 100 or kilometres and were gently lulled to sleep by the steady movement of the bus. As we turned off the highway the once again mountainous terrain opened up, dropping off steeply towards a large cluster of orange roofs and a light blue bay, finally we were there.

Strandhagen 9:10 pm

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The sky overhead is dark with clouds, a thin veil of ragged grey covering pale summer night blue.  A heavy cloud cover hangs over the strip of land on the other side of the bay as well, but in the middle is a band of clear sky.  The big orange ball of the setting  sun hangs over the western horizon, casting its rays beneath the clouds; like God shining his flashlight on a world clad in shadow. It illuminates the tree tops and laces the tall grass and bushes with color. The streaks of vivid color in the midst of an otherwise darkened landscape makes for a captivating effect and a memorable evening stroll along the beach.