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Volvo Torslanda 4:51 pm

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The bus is far less crowded than expected, only one or two people are standing up, despite this being one of the smaller busses on this line. Outside the air is crisp, bordering on chilly with a cold sun illuminating the world – what most would consider fresh spring weather. In the bus though, it’s hot and stuffy, there is a definite stale note to the air, an almost tangible, sickly sweet smell and a feeling of second-hand body heat and recycled oxygen that engulfs you as you step inside. Strangely, almost everyone is sitting there calmly clad in jackets, scarves and hats I quickly rip mine off to make the trip a bit more bearable. Mind you, more bearable is still far from comfortable.  How can they all stand it?


Ming sheng road, 1:00 pm

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Doors and windows are slightly rounded, as if seen through a fish eye lenses, straight lines are scewed and the whole world sort of wobbles as i walk, a wave traversing through asphalt, concrete glass and steel with every movement of my head. It is somewhat like being drunk but not that warm fuzzy state that gets you talking and dancing, no its more like that cold, nauseous stage of drunkenness when you just want to get home and sleep. Yet I haven’t touched an intoxicating substance for two weeks, instead it is my glasses that affect me thusly.  I am not used to wearing them and with this, I am not likely to ever get used to it. I stumble up the stairs, fumble with my keys which now seem small and far away in my hand, to open the lock and sit down in front of the TV. If I don’t move my head I am able to watch TV without much trouble but that is too big of a handicap to cope with; something must be done to ensure I never have to wear these infernal spectacles again.

Cihu memorial sculpture park 2:53 pm

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Camera in hand I’m trying to portray this bizarre place but I keep failing. I either stand too far away which makes the statues look small and insignificant or get too close so you cannot see the big picture. Then it strikes me, I have an excellent way of portraying something that can’t be captured on camera,these very words. So what is it that I find so hard to take a good photo of? The memorial sculpture park in Cihu is a rather stretched out park in a remote township in northern Taiwan. The green lawns are criss crossed with stone walkways and littered with statues in different sizes, materials and colours, and they all depict Taiwans former president Chiang Kai Shek. When Taiwan was freed from the KMT dictatorship in the 80’s, statues of the leader from all over the country were thrown out of the public places and ended up here. What makes it even more bizarre is that all the statues, though different in minor ways, are very much alike on another. Most of them show a bald, smiling man standing straight in some sort of formal attire. The sculptures have been arranged in small circles facing inwards towards a statue of te same man, sitting in a chair. It is as if Mr Chiang is having a lively discussion with himself.  Taking a picture of one of these circles is easy but the weirdness comes from the fact that, not only is the smiling mustacheod man having a conversation with himself, he is having several at the same time. And when you walk from one circle to another the walkways are lined with busts of the same man. The only thing stopping me from walking around longer is the heavy drizzle.