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By the window 11:41 am

In Place description, Reflections, Writing on 2011/03/16 at 12:07

Down in the yard between the apartment buildings just outside my flat there is an army of people milling about. Children in brightly coloured winter clothes are horsing around like children do, nothing unusual with that. What catches my attention are the grown ups who are standing around, evenly spread out among the playing children like beacons of greyness in a sea of sound and color. Each person is holding some sort of shovel, feverishly hacking away at the layer of ice and snow on the ground. They are trying to clear the snow with hand tools while nature, being what it is, will either thwart them with a new layer in a few days or do a much better job by actually melting it all away. Well, i guess they feel good about their efforts. It’s all rather fascinating to watch.


In my flat 5:50 pm

In Place description, Poetic prose, Writing on 2011/03/09 at 17:02

I look up from my computer for a minute  and notice I need to switch the light on as the room is getting dark, then, as I turn in my chair reaching for the light switch I happen to glance out the window.  From the low position in my chair the boring blocks of flats just outside are hidden by the window frame and all I see are the forest clad hills and the sky. Speckled with houses the hill is surprisingly green despite the spring not having reached my city and the sky is a light blue with a few tufts of slightly orange clouds. In the middle of this rather bland picture are three blocks of shining gold. The windows of a row of houses on the hill are lit by the last rays of the sun and reflecting back at me with a bright, full, golden lustre. Something compels me to stand up, walk to the window and just look out, a brief moment of beauty amidst the everyday greyness.