My appartment 7:17 am

In Place description, Reflections, Writing on 2011/02/10 at 23:15

I am standing in front of the window in a nearly dark room, only lit up by the pre dawn twilight. I’m looking out at the world in this early hour with tired eyes, I am not ment to be up this early. Outside is a series of interconnected apartment buildings encircling a sort of yard with one single apartment building right in front of my window. A few other people are awake, their windows glowing with amber and down by the snow-covered ground streetlights cast an artificial white glare on the fresh frost. Here and there are short pillars with a light on top forming an eerie green circle on the ground. It is just so random in this otherwise normal residential area. I wonder why they are there…and why the light has such a ghastly green tinge to it.


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