Cafe bathroom 9:23 pm

In Place description, Writing on 2010/12/04 at 18:17

I am in the most incredible bathroom I have ever seen. The toilet is situated in the middle of a small platform of grey stone with an assortment of plants, bamboo rods and yellowish lights all around. Sitting on the toilet seat, my feet are only a few centimeters from the wooden edge of the platform and a small pond. In the pond rises three small pillars supporting slate stepping-stones leading to the sink and then the door. The pond is filled with small fish and plants and is lit from below with a turquoise luster. A hidden pump is spouting out a stream of water turned a brilliant blue by a second lamp. It ripples the surface of the pond, adding the sound and visual feeling of fresh, clean, running water. All around are different plants, some in pots and some climbing the walls and ceiling. I doubt I will ever find a nicer place to go pee.


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