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Houli bike trail 5:20pm

In Place description, Poetic prose, Writing on 2010/11/08 at 07:52

Ancient steel trusses pass by to the sides and overhead, flowing backward as I speed forwards on this narrow train bridge come bike bridge. The river landscape around me becomes faded as the sun sets and ahead of me looms the narrow, almost drop shaped opening of the tunnel. With its rough cement walls covered by a hundred years of grime from passing trains the tunnel should be an unwelcoming place but a series of bulbous lights in the ceiling stretch out into the darkness like a band of glowing pearls, casting a light over the cyclists inside. Long, straight and narrow is the tunnel and shortly I cannot see the opening neither behind nor in front of me. I can but aim at the darkness far ahead, where the eerie glow of those luminous spheres does not reach, and go, silently relishing the empty, straight road the simplicity in this monotone environ.


Hotspring Hsinchu mountains 6:55 pm

In Feeling of the moment, Place description, Poetic prose, Writing on 2010/11/04 at 14:54

In the upper left corner of my field of view is a tree lit up from below, high above a few lonely stars look down on me from a totally black sky and right in front of me a cloud of steam rises up from the next pool, swirling poetically skywards. There is a murmur of voices all around, from people enjoying the relaxing warmth of the waters. centred on me though, there seems to be a bubble of emptiness, I hear little of the murmur, see little of the swirling mists even though it is right in front of me for I am sitting in the one of two small, cold tubs. The water numbs me in a way that is almost meditative, if I sit absolutely still the cold feels less acute and an emptiness settles on my mind. I  feel the muscles in my upper arms start to pulsate, like a palpable heartbeat. It is a very comfortable state, the joys and troubles of daily life no longer crowding my mind; just the cold water against my skin and beating of my heart.