Beach in Hualien 12:25 pm

In Place description, Poetic prose, Writing on 2010/10/17 at 15:08

The sky is blue and the bright sun makes the clear blue water dazzle. Under my bare feet is a mass of smooth, palm size, sea polished, round stones. The stone beach stretches out to my left in a sort of natural pier between the sea and the river mouth, and curls a little towards the tip where the river meets the sea. I sit down to watch the waves for a little while. Close to the coast the water brings with it sand and stones and turns from a brilliant blue to a darker, more muddled hue as the green curls over and the white falls under. The splashing foam sparkles in the sun and behind the deep booming of the waves i can hear the rustle of a million small stones rubbing against each other as the strong current draws them up and throws them down again. I use my feet to frame the scene, watching the waves and listening to the rhythmic rustle and boom. I wish there could be a second pair of feet next to mine, to make this a truly beautiful moment. I wonder where those feet are?


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