Jiao da scooter parking 2:38pm

In Feeling of the moment, Poetic prose, Writing on 2010/10/04 at 16:16

A thousand scooters neatly lined up in rows, a thousand handle bars locked to the left, a thousand pairs of rear view mirrors reflecting the sky. Although similar the scooters are different, different make, different size, different colour. The mirrors are all the same, a vaguely rectangular shape on the end of a crocked stick, the silvery surface coloured a bright sky blue. To a foreigner like me, this mass of two-wheeled vehicles is an amazing sight and bewildering all at once. Newcomers inevitably ask them selves how can there be so many of them while we have so few?  How do you distinguish yours from all the others in the parking lot? How does anyone dare to drive in all that mad traffic? Yet in this brilliant  sea of sky reflection i have my own pair of mirrors that will help me make my way home. Yes I am a foreigner in this country but I am not a newcomer, when I drive a scooter, I am one of the natives.


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