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Road in Hualien ca 6:20pm

In Feeling of the moment, Writing on 2010/10/18 at 07:21

The night is dark, the road is straight and I keep my hand firmly locked at the 50 kilometers an hour mark. The wind is ripping at my rain cloak and the rain drops pelt my body like little stones. The helmets visor is covered in droplets that cloud my view, I have to concentrate on the white lines to see where I’m going. Lifting the visor to see better is not an option as the drops hitting my face will sting my eyes and my soft exposed skin. The rain is so heavy I can even feel it drumming on my chest as it wets through the plastic rain poncho. Discomfort is the keyword of this 60 kilometer nightmare drive to the warmth of the hotel bed. I stare out in the darkness and rain ahead of me and grit my teeth as I drive on into the night.


Hualien coastal road 1:15 pm

In Feeling of the moment, Place description, Writing on 2010/10/17 at 16:20

The road curves about like an asphalt snake and I have to adjust the throttle carefully to flow smoothly through the bends. My clothes flutter in the  wind and the sun glares in the scratched surface of the visor on my helmet.  The touch of my girlfriends thighs against mine remind me of her presence. The high pitched roar of the scooters little engine accompanies us as we zoom through the landscapes bends and turns. To the right, the high, light green mountains of Taiwan’s eastern seaboard, to the left the pacific ocean. Far out a  bright sapphire blue, followed by a band of turquoise luster and closer to land, an area of  murkier greenish gray. In this landscape, with my girl behind me, riding a scooter is pure joy.

Beach in Hualien 12:25 pm

In Place description, Poetic prose, Writing on 2010/10/17 at 15:08

The sky is blue and the bright sun makes the clear blue water dazzle. Under my bare feet is a mass of smooth, palm size, sea polished, round stones. The stone beach stretches out to my left in a sort of natural pier between the sea and the river mouth, and curls a little towards the tip where the river meets the sea. I sit down to watch the waves for a little while. Close to the coast the water brings with it sand and stones and turns from a brilliant blue to a darker, more muddled hue as the green curls over and the white falls under. The splashing foam sparkles in the sun and behind the deep booming of the waves i can hear the rustle of a million small stones rubbing against each other as the strong current draws them up and throws them down again. I use my feet to frame the scene, watching the waves and listening to the rhythmic rustle and boom. I wish there could be a second pair of feet next to mine, to make this a truly beautiful moment. I wonder where those feet are?

Somewhere in Hsinchu 11:50 am

In Feeling of the moment, Place description, Writing on 2010/10/15 at 05:57

“The road ends here!” The black and yellow striped concrete barrier makes the message as clear as can be.  Beyond the barrier, a sheer drop of several meters then a vast expanse of rice fields and trees  and on the far side, the outskirts of some satellite city.  I really cannot understand why there is a stump of wide, newly paved road out here in the dilapidated farmyard and industry back streets of the city. There are no construction works nearby no half-finished support columns for a road out there in the fields. Just this short stump of black asphalt and fresh lines ending in the big barrier. It feels so bizarre. I really wish I brought my camera.

Jiao da scooter parking 2:38pm

In Feeling of the moment, Poetic prose, Writing on 2010/10/04 at 16:16

A thousand scooters neatly lined up in rows, a thousand handle bars locked to the left, a thousand pairs of rear view mirrors reflecting the sky. Although similar the scooters are different, different make, different size, different colour. The mirrors are all the same, a vaguely rectangular shape on the end of a crocked stick, the silvery surface coloured a bright sky blue. To a foreigner like me, this mass of two-wheeled vehicles is an amazing sight and bewildering all at once. Newcomers inevitably ask them selves how can there be so many of them while we have so few?  How do you distinguish yours from all the others in the parking lot? How does anyone dare to drive in all that mad traffic? Yet in this brilliant  sea of sky reflection i have my own pair of mirrors that will help me make my way home. Yes I am a foreigner in this country but I am not a newcomer, when I drive a scooter, I am one of the natives.