Silja Europa 12:22 pm

In Place description, Writing on 2010/04/27 at 18:32

The air feels fresh as I walk out on deck and the sun warms my face and glitters off the calm ocean surface. In the relatively low temperature and chilly wind it quickly gets cold out here but I stay to ward off the drowsiness. The lack of sleep last night has taken its toll and now I need to clear my head to not fall asleep again. I can see the trail of swirling water snaking out behind us and another ship following close behind as we pass through the archipelago. The scenery is quit beautiful with the blue water and little island scattered all about. We pass in between two bigger islands which are more populated than the rest with houses here and there and close in on a not so picturesque harbour area. This is the half way point for our journey and the ship will make a brief stop here. Half way also means half time and I have to get back in for lunch.


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