Ullådalen, Åre 2:20 pm

In Place description, Poetic prose, Writing on 2010/03/15 at 21:25

Beautiful but deadly is a phrase that is all too common when describing snow-clad mountains but it feels appropriate here. On this lightly sloping plain the wind has pushed the snow into drifts and ridges and the sun shines out of a cloudy sky on the frozen landscape. Fine snow flows like smoke over the hard surface that glitters in the sun rays. The scene has that kind of barren beauty of an arctic landscape and it has the same kind of deadliness. For although civilisation is nearby the cold is substantial. The wind tears at any exposed skin with icy talons and I can sense the danger – but only in  that corner of my eye kind of way. I am determination as I walk. Trudging onwards with my board on my back, always onwards to lower lands and hot food.

  1. WOW man, PLEASE keep on freezing moments because seriously, you rock at it. Love reading them. (This one in particular) 🙂

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